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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the Log Home Building Package work?

With our packages, building is simplified due to pre-cutting and numbering of key pieces. It can be installed on any standard foundation, and it comes ready to assemble upon delivery. 

2. What is included in the Log Home Building Package?

Each log home building package includes all the materials necessary to complete the “finished shell” of your log home. The exterior package includes a log wall system, windows/doors, roofing, gables/dormers, exterior wood finishes and caulking, consumables, and a loft sub-floor if required. We also offer an interior package that includes studding and pine for interior partitions. Upon request, we also provide interior wood finishes.

3. What is a "finished shell"?

A finished shell means an enclosed weather-tight shell.

4. What are the log options? (i.e. 'Timberlog' and 'SuperLog')

We offer packages with our TimberLog (i.e. eastern white pine, eastern white cedar or western red cedar), and our manufactured SuperLog with eastern white pine.

5. What is the difference between 'Timberlog' and 'SuperLog'?

Our ‘TimberLog’ is a high-quality solid seasoned log whereas our ‘SuperLog’ is a kiln-dried laminated log that practically eliminates twisting, warping, checking, shrinking and settling.

6. How much will my Adventure Log Home cost to finish? How will it compare to conventional wood-frame construction?

The finished cost of your home depends on several factors - choice of finish materials, labour contracting, etc. On average, for your final construction cost, your project is approximately 2 times your log home “finished shell” package price.

As an example, a log home package listed at $85,000 would have the added construction cost of $85,000 for foundation, septic, well, plumbing, heating, electrical, cabinets, interior finishing, etc. These costs are similar to building a conventional wood-frame house.

7. What type of foundation do I need?

Adventure Log Homes can be built on any type of foundation (ie. full concrete basement, slab, etc).

8. How are the plumbing and electrical wiring done?

The plumbing is the same as in conventional wood-frame construction. The electrical work is also similar to conventional on the interior walls with slight modifications on the exterior walls.

9. What is the heating like in a log home?

Log Homes are very energy efficient and very economical to heat. Any heating method can be incorporated.

10. How easy is it to maintain a log home?

Adventure Log Homes are very easy to maintain. The logs will be treated during the construction process. Retreating will be necessary depending on weathering.

11. Does checking and shrinking occur?

Some checking (cracking) and shrinking with the TimberLogs is normal, but is minimum with our SuperLog.

12. Is there a Guarantee / Warranty included?

Materials supplied by Adventure Log Homes are to be free from defect upon shipping.

13. Who puts the log home package up?

Our BUILDERS can easily assemble your log package. However, each log home building package is actually designed so it can be OWNER-BUILT, as each log is pre-cut and numbered per your final plan. A complete drawing package is also provided.

14. Who do you recommend for mortgage assistance?

We highly recommend Roy Griffin, a mortgage advisor with CIBC.

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