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Promotional Special – The Wildernest

‘The Wildernest’ Log Home Building Package…

Starting at $114,950

1048 sq. ft…. Cozy with a spacious feel

This design provides the grace, charm and practicality, which are trademarks of our log homes and is extremely flexible that can be easily adapted to any family’s needs

Wildernest-Promotional-Special (top left).jpg
Wildernest-Rear-View (top right).jpg
2023 Wildernest 1,048 sq ft.jpg

40′ x 24′ with a 16′ x 4′ Prow


SuperLog Upgrade … Add 12% … $13,795

Prow … $3,500

Metal Roofing Upgrade … $6,995

Extended Roof Upgrade ... $4,995

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